Sale! Sale! Sale!

In case you didn't know, Victoria is being sold on Zulily!! We probably shouldn't tell you this, but they're having a sale. A BIG SALE. And you only have 19 hours left. To top it off, they're also offering FREE shipping on all orders until midnight tonight. Get your platform sneakers, slip-on flats, and kids canvas shoes up to 50% off the normal price before it's all sold out!

CLICK HERE for Victoria shoes on Zulily.

Spanish Summer Fashion Show

On July 10, Spanish designer Angela Bang launched their final showing of Zoco Sundays. The show, called Paradise Isle, featured Victoria shoes and Wilde handcrafted sunglasses. All three designers are based in Spain and have a large European following. We've attached some photos below so us American fans can get a peak of the Spanish fashion.

Fall Colors


Victoria has a color for every season! With the leaves changing colors to beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows, let your feet match! Add some Autumn-pop on your apple picking trips with a vibrant green or bright pink to a neutral outfit. Or keep with the fall theme and pair your burgandys and tans together for a duo-toned classic look. If you're shopping for Halloween, try a Mango or Naranja shoe. They are great orange colors that can easily be paired with a black outfit for a Halloween-themed look! 

FALL for Victoria Kids Shoes


Victoria is known for our stylish and classic canvas slip on shoe. Now, we make them in miniature sizes. With plenty of fall colors in stock, Victoria USA has classic kids slip ons made in Spain to mimic the look of our ladies canvas. Comfort and simplicity is key for our kids line. They're durable and washable, while still soft and flexible. All of them can be found on our website!


Women's Shoes in Over 20 Shades

School has started, the leaves are changing, and we're all rebuilding our closet as Fall rolls in. We're getting rid of last seasons styles and worn out shoes that have seen too many winters. Fortunately, Victoria is here to help you replace those old, tired shoes! Choosing from one of our collections, you are garaunteed a timeless style with tons of wear. Each style comes with a great color selection, from yellow to blue to red to white. Don't let the Spanish names fool you, we have a shoe in every color you could dream of. From our standard Blancos and Negros (whites and blacks) to more eye-catching Limons and Mangos (yellows and mango-orange). Hoping for less brightness and more pastels? Check out the Rosa, Lila, or Azul for our light pink, lilac, and blue shades.

Behind the Seams: of Victoria Bota Con Pelo

With the colder weather creaping in on the last few days of summer, it might be time to start swapping your summer closet for fall! While the Victoria basics are still perfect for this season with their punchy colors and basic style, you may want to add some booties for colder days.

The Victoria Bota Con Pelo Interior is a stylish chukka boot made in Spain. It's classic European style has a distressed exterior and soft lining - perfect for Autumn. The Camel color goes well with the season and the faux fur rimmed back is a simple statement. Best of all, they are made from 100% natural rubber grown in Spain! Check out a listing here:


The Victoria Bota Acolchado is similar to the Bota Con Pelo. The stylish boot cut has a classic European vibe. With a quilted exterior and soft interior lining, it's a great match for a simpler, modern fashion look. Also made up of 100% natural rubber, the Bota Acolchado comes in black and is made in Spain. The seems contrast less and the black fur blends in with the quilting for a subtle look. Check out the listing here:


Victoria Mono Shoe Sale

The Victoria Mono Sneaker is on FIRE!! Urban Outfitters is shipping out their last few pairs on sale for 29.99, compared to their original price of $78!! Not in your size? Click the button above titled "Women's" and find a different color or size.

Back to School Savings

Labor Day has passed and we're all headed back to school. Whether your scouring the web for yourself or out shopping for your kids, we're all trying to revamp our wardrobe without breaking the bank. Victoria has tons of unique styles that are appropriate for all ages. From our basic solid colors to the poppy prints, you can find a shoe for any outfit at a low cost. Find us at your local Urban Outfitters, or check out our website for a wider range of styles.

Behind the Seams of Victoria's Inlgesa Lona

The Victoria Inglesa Lona is a newer style of Victoria canvas shoes for women. They feature low ankle backs and contrasting trim for a stylish and unique appearance.



The Lona Estampada comes in Carmin and Beige. The Carmin has a very nautiful feel with navy and white striped printed fabric around the foot and a deep burgandy fabric on the toe. The stitching is a dark navy, the tongue a burgandy, and the laces a stark white. The Beige is a little more subtle but just as contrasting. With baby blue and white polka dots covering the foot, the beige colored toe is a great comliment to the less vibrant tones of the shoe. The shoe sports a beige tongue and white laces, but adds a touch of flair with dark brown stitching along the front and top of the shoe.

The Lona Detail style comes in bright contrasting bubble gum and cotton candy colors. Contrary to the Lona Estampada, the toe and shoe are a single color of teal with a contrasting heel of bright pink. Even the Victoria tag is multicolored!

And of course, they're all made in Spain.


New Sale!

 Victoria is on sale at Urban Outfitters! The mono, lace-up, slip on, and toe cap are all on sale here:

Supplies are limited.